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What should we pay attention to when using a 5-ton electric forklift in winter?

The 5-ton electric forklift is now a very common logistics and warehousing equipment, which can be seen in warehouses, factories, airports, docks, supermarkets and other places. At present, most parts of the country are in a cold and dry winter, which will have a certain negative impact on any mechanical equipment. So, regardless of the price of the forklift, how to use and maintain the 5 ton electric forklift in winter?

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Feb 27,2023

Why has the 5-ton electric forklift become the market-leading storage equipment?

Today, the original market pattern of storage equipment is quietly changing. Original handling equipment, mainly based on hand trucks and electric forklifts, is popular in the market. But now, with the continuous development and progress of technology, a 5-ton electric forklift that is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, low-noise, pollution-free, and stable has appeared on the market, which has greatly impacted the original market structure.

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Feb 16,2023

What are the precautions for charging a 5-ton electric forklift?

Forklift refers to the handling vehicle for short distance transportation, loading and unloading and stacking pallet goods. The structural characteristics and working performance of forklifts are represented by technical parameters such as gantry inclination and rated lifting capacity. They are generally divided into 5-ton electric forklifts, internal combustion forklifts, etc. When charging the battery of a 5-ton electric forklift, the user will perform various non-standard operations.

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Feb 08,2023

Let's talk about the reason why the battery drops rapidly when the 5-ton electric forklift accelerates?

With the continuous rise of oil prices, the use cost of automobiles has also increased significantly. Therefore, the development trend of the 5-ton electric forklift and electric forklift industry chain is becoming more and more prosperous. Compared with traditional gasoline and diesel vehicles, the learning and training of electric forklifts can be safe and fast. The purchase price is also very low. Electric forklifts have many benefits, but there are also big problems, that is, performance and battery charging. Sometimes, The battery charging area is full, but once it is turned on, when it accelerates, it will immediately reduce the power by one or two squares. What is the situation?

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Dec 30,2022

What do you need to pay attention to when charging the battery of a 5-ton electric forklift?

The 5-ton electric forklift battery is a system that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. When the power is exhausted, the current must be supplemented, otherwise it will have no effect on the battery and the active material of the battery will continue to fall off. The standard charging current must account for a certain proportion of the forklift battery.

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Dec 19,2022

Let's talk about how to properly maintain a 5-ton electric forklift?

Nowadays, in order to meet the application requirements of environmental protection and energy saving, electrical equipment has been popularized in many industries, and in the development and production process of many industries, the use of storage facilities is also very important. In order to better transport goods, 5 tons of electric forklift will be selected and used at present. Due to the selection of this equipment, it can provide more favorable services for enterprise production, so as to effectively meet the transportation and storage of different goods.

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Dec 12,2022

What should be paid attention to before using the new 5 ton electric forklift?

The inspection and maintenance of the 5-ton electric forklift is the key to ensuring the progress of the work. Check the relevant parameters and configuration of the 5-ton electric forklift before use to ensure the safety and efficiency of the forklift. What should be paid attention to before using the new 5-ton electric forklift? Now let us understand.

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Nov 28,2022

How to correctly master the charging and maintenance methods of 5 tons electric forklift?

To protect the charger, the general manual contains instructions for protecting the charger. Many users are not used to reading manuals, but they only think of manuals when they encounter problems. It is too late, so it is necessary to read the 5-ton electric forklift manual first. In order to reduce costs, current chargers are not designed for high impact resistance, so chargers are usually not included in the luggage of electric vehicles.

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Nov 18,2022

What are the daily inspection steps of 5 tons electric forklift?

Careful and maintenance of the forklift can make it work well. To ensure the safety of the forklift, that is, to ensure their own work and life safety. So, what are the steps for the daily inspection of the 5-ton electric forklift? Now let us understand.

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Nov 09,2022

How can the performance of a 5-ton electric forklift be optimistic? Why does corrosion occur?

For many customers, using a 5-ton electric forklift is relatively simple, but the expertise of a 5-ton electric forklift is poorly understood. It is generally believed that the 5-ton electric forklift has good performance as long as it is used for a long time and does not often fail. In fact, the performance of the 5-ton electric forklift is not only reflected in these two aspects. A good electric forklift is also characterized by high efficiency, low cost, reliability, ergonomic principles, and high configuration.

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Nov 02,2022

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