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Talent Recruitment

Continuously create greater value for customers

Here, every member of the team shoulders the mission and responsibility,
We are committed to changing the way of human life with technology, join us, work together to change the world with dreams, and create the future with science and technology!

Passion for work, rather than just work as a means to earn a living;

Understand the importance of teamwork and be able to share hardships and successes with others;

Have ambitious goals, but don't ignore the tedious details;

Long Deyao will be able to provide you with a platform to display your talents.


The basis of people-oriented is to use-oriented, to hire the right people in, into Long Deyao, is a family, is brothers and sisters.

Meet each special you

We must emancipate our minds, pioneer and innovate, open our minds to recruit talented people from all over the world, and truly absorb a group of talents with high intelligence, high quality, and in line with the development of the 21st century.

Employing Ideas

1, take virtue first, professional-oriented, passionate and enterprising, and pursue excellence
2. Honest, professional, simple and pragmatic, teamwork, passion and gratitude
3, active dedication, the pursuit of excellence

Employment Principle
Article 1: Have virtue and talent, make an exception to reuse, have virtue but not talent, cultivate and use, have talent but not virtue, restrict employment, have talent but not virtue, insist on not using;
Article 2: Retaining People by Career, Feeling and Treatment

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