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All-electric forklift: The advantages of all-electric forklift in the forklift industry

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Mar 07,2021

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Forklift refers to a variety of wheeled handling vehicles for loading and unloading, stacking, short-distance transportation and heavy handling of pallet goods. Forklifts can generally be divided into three categories: all-electric forklifts, internal combustion forklifts and storage forklifts.

However, the most popular non-electric forklift in forklift work is all, after all, the reason is still because of the advantages of all-electric forklift in forklift work. What are the advantages of all-electric forklifts related to other forklifts.


1, all electric forklift carbon emissions of 0.

Compared with other internal combustion forklifts, the big advantage of all-electric forklifts is that carbon emissions are 0, which is a big advantage in the global call to reduce carbon emissions. This advantage of all-electric forklifts is enough to beat other forklifts and rise to the throne of forklift truck.

2, all electric forklift fuel cheap.

Compared with the fuel of other forklifts, the fuel of an all-electric forklift is much cheaper because its fuel is electricity. The price of other fuels such as fuel will be relatively much lower.

3, all-electric forklift service life is long.

The life span of all-electric forklifts is longer than that of other forklifts.

4, all electric forklift maintenance convenience, low cost.

The cost of all-electric forklift maintenance, the convenience of maintenance speed, you may not be able to imagine, there are many mechanical equipment need to outsource professional maintenance effect may have professional maintenance personnel to maintain. All electric forklift maintenance is so simple and convenient.

5, all electric forklift operation noise is low.

A big advantage of all-electric forklifts is low noise. Related to internal combustion forklifts may be propane forklifts, etc., the sound of all-electric forklifts is much smaller during operation. Therefore, it can be regarded as low noise and avoid noise pollution.