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Forklift manufacturers help you easily solve the problem of forklift battery heating

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Mar 18,2021

Hebei Long Deyao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.'s main products are pure electric forklift, electric forklift brand, imported electric forklift, full electric forklift, 2 tons of electric forklift, 3 tons of electric forklift, 1 tons of electric forklift, battery forklift, handling forklift and other material handling equipment.

Forks belong to one of the basic working devices and accessories of forklifts. On this basis, the extension of Luoyang Hangcha agency produces string rods, hoppers, sanitation tilting forks, push-pull devices, forward forks, barrel clamps, boom, etc. are all common accessories, forklift accessories are obviously different from traditional stacking and conventional handling in terms of the use of hidden dangers and work efficiency in the realization of composite operations such as clamping, tipping, rotating, pushing and pulling, side shifting, stretching and approaching in logistics handling operations.


Forklift manufacturers help you easily solve the problem of forklift battery heating

Forklift manufacturers electric forklift in use, occasionally hot phenomenon, this is a bad phenomenon, if found, we must pay attention. If the hot phenomenon often occurs, can be in accordance with the forklift manufacturers to sort out the following methods to deal.

1. Forklift manufacturers should often feel the temperature of the forklift battery by hand. When charging and discharging, their own temperature does not exceed 35 degrees Celsius, that is, touch the battery shell by hand and feel the temperature, which means it is more than 35 degrees.

2. The temperature of the forklift battery exceeds 35 degrees Celsius, and the oxide of the plate is easy to fall off. The forklift manufacturer said that this will greatly shorten the life or damage of the electric forklift battery.

3. The main reasons for the high temperature of the electric forklift battery are:

(1) The continuous high current discharge of the forklift battery of the forklift manufacturer causes the battery temperature to be high. Forklift manufacturers recommend that after the use of electric forklift battery high current discharge time, more attention can be.

(2) The forklift battery board of the forklift manufacturer is aging, which increases the internal resistance of the battery. The internal resistance generates a lot of heat during use, causing the battery to be high temperature. In this case, there are potential hidden dangers. We must replace the battery in time to avoid unnecessary losses.