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Forklift price to tell you some knowledge of internal combustion forklift

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Jan 07,2022

Forklift prices tell you some knowledge about internal combustion forklifts. Since the birth of forklifts, internal combustion engines have provided more common power for this transportation machinery. In the past 100 years, gasoline and diesel engines have not only undergone fundamental changes, but also in the process of technological improvement. In the process, internal combustion engines have stronger power, more economical, more environmentally friendly, and lower noise. From the launch date to the 1960 s, most forklifts are powered by an engine that is removed directly from the car.

Forklift price: here to tell you about some knowledge of internal combustion forklift

The internal combustion engine is a forklift that has provided power for this transportation machinery since the birth of the forklift. In the past 100 years, gasoline and diesel engines have not only undergone fundamental changes, but also in the process of technological improvement, the internal combustion engine has stronger power, more economy, and more Environmental protection and lower noise. From the launch date to the 1960 s, most forklifts are equipped with engines that are directly unloaded from the car as power.


Forklift price: shift knowledge of internal combustion engine forklift

1. Install the brake, usually use a two-foot distributor. First, speed up. After the vehicle speed rises, step on the distributor pedal, move the gear lever to neutral, the pedal rises, and then depress it quickly to push the gear lever into high gear., While raising the pedal of the distributor, slowly refuel and progress.

2. To downshift, it is usually a two-foot distributor. In the middle, step on the accelerator pedal, release the accelerator pedal, the forklift decelerates, the accelerator pedal, the gear lever enters neutral, the accelerator pedal enters low speed, while relaxing the pedal of the distributor, step on the accelerator pedal.

When the forklift is driving, the driver needs to accurately grasp the opportunity to shift gears. The upshift is too fast, the downshift is too slow, and the transmission system in the city shakes due to insufficient engine power. If the gear shift is too slow or there is a chance to downshift, the use time of downshift will become too long, resulting in a reduction in fuel consumption. It is necessary to grasp the shift opportunity to achieve real-time, accuracy, stability and agility.

Forklift price: forklift has peculiar smell how to do

With the development of science and technology, many machines have been invented to help people work. Many factories and factories use internal combustion forklifts. Many goods need to be transported by internal combustion forklifts. They refer to forklifts powered by engines with diesel, gasoline or liquefied petroleum gas as fuel. The carrying capacity is 0.5 tons -45 tons. They are generally divided into weight block internal combustion forklifts, container forklifts (front lift) and side lift forklifts. Next, I would like to introduce the reasons why the internal combustion forklift will feel peculiar smell during operation.

Forklift batteries have peculiar smell; this is usually caused by the leakage or outflow of electrolyte. Because this battery needs electrolyte to complete the storage and conversion of electric energy, there is a pungent smell when the electrolyte leaks; in addition, if the electrolyte consumption is too large Or if there is loss, the forklift charger will barely charge the battery, causing the battery to overheat, emit white smoke, and the smell becomes more and more unpleasant. When this problem is noticed, the electrolyte needs to be replenished immediately to be charged.

The smell of plastic slurry found in the forklift is mostly caused by overheating of the wire, because the plastic shell of the wire is very thin and the smell is not too strong. However, if the conductor is short-circuited, it will be accompanied by some smoke and heat, which is easy to burn and catch fire. When the wire is overheated, stop immediately to find out the reason. The smell of the wire is very small, but the risk index is very high.

Generally speaking, the temperature of the wires will become higher in summer. If you don't find it immediately, the circuit will easily be completely damaged. The engine pulls the cylinder, the whole vehicle spontaneously ignites, and the forklift has the smell of rubber glue. This smell is easy to understand. To display this smell, first Look at the belts, brake pads and tires to see if the rubber products in these parts are loose, slipping or overheated. When the smell comes from the brakes or tires, please stop immediately, wait for the heat to dissipate before driving.

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