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What is good about handling forklifts? What are the performances?

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Jun 21,2022

For customers, the spare parts on the forklift are an important part, and good spare parts can guarantee all product characteristics.

Handling forkliftWhat is good? What are the performances?


Excellent 1. performance and high reliability

For customers,Handling forkliftOn the spare parts is an important part, good spare parts can guarantee all product characteristics:

1. The communication AC drive system software makes the handling forklift respond faster, the operation is more accurate, and the operation is more stable.

2. Communicate with AC drive motor to show stronger driving force, maintain high-speed operation at full load, and work more common and more efficient when climbing degree exceeds 8 percent of full load.

3. The communication control board has reliable quality and excellent characteristics. It has the functions of braking, reversing braking system and various main parameters adjustable, which can make the fitness characteristics of the whole vehicle work well under different working conditions.

4. Hydraulic system, low noise, low vibration, good sealing characteristics, fully automatic adjustment of full-load shedding rate, to ensure stable and reliable lifting and shedding.

5.Handling forkliftThe shape design of high-toughness cars is suitable for high-toughness workplaces and has a long service life.

High 2. safety index

All mechanical equipment, raw materials, machinery and equipment must make great achievements at the level of safety design, otherwise it is difficult to develop for a long time. Not excluding handling forklifts, safety is the key to this mechanical equipment.

1. High quality electronic control system is flexible and easy to operate.

2. Super heavy-duty design, compact structure, suitable for narrow indoor space.

3. Large space battery to ensure long-term operation.

4. Imported electric hydraulic pump makes the cargo lift smooth and powerful.

5 Low-voltage maintenance function, maintenance of rechargeable batteries, increase service life.

3. easy practical operation

Handling forkliftThe easier it is to operate, the more popular it is. Because the operation is simple, simple and efficient, it also gives the forklift the advantage of fast sales in the sales market.

1. The man-machine design scheme of the rocker head of the forklift is beautiful, generous and concise, and all the actual operation functions can be easily completed by simple buttons on the rocker.

2.Handling forkliftThe man-machine design scheme of the operation rocker facilitates the actual operation of the left and right hands and improves safe driving.

3. The longer control rocker greatly reduces the turning force and makes the control lighter.

4. The turning angle of the rocker arm exceeds 180 degrees, and the entire body is shorter, making the small turning radius of the car smaller, which improves the convenience of actual operation.

5. Drive slowly. When the rocker is close to vertical, the driving speed will automatically decrease, which is conducive to completing accurate work in a narrow indoor space.

4. easy to maintain

Easy to operate, easy to maintain, so that customers rest assured. It is also easier to apply.

1. Communication AC drive motor, no motor carbon brush, no maintenance foundation, greatly reducing maintenance costs.

2. The control panel self-diagnosis system software encodes common faults according to the information displayed by the handheld unit, making the handling of common faults more convenient.

3. The timer and meter are standard configurations, which can easily prompt the operator to charge moderately.

4. The body itself is easy to disassemble. Only need to remove the two anchor bolts and the rear cover, the key and important parts can be inspected and repaired immediately, and every part in the car can be disassembled and replaced in a short time.

5. The battery cover is easy to open, and it is convenient to add pure water or lithium battery electrolyte to the battery.

6. The application of vertical motors makes the inspection and maintenance of motors, brake pedals, etc. easy. Instant and convenient, maintenance characteristics are much better than horizontal motors.

InHandling forkliftIn the process of gradual upgrading, the manufacturer certainly hopes that it can be simple and easy to use, eliminating all kinds of complex and redundant processing steps. For this kind of mechanical equipment, the simpler the better, the better the performance.